Goin’ on a cooking craze

In my house-bound state of unlimitless time, I have decided I need to learn how to cook. Properly.

I mean, I’m a bona fide food fiend. Healthy foods, especially.

However, it’s difficult to cook in Dubai. My maid is extremely territorial of the kitchen and chases us out whenever we start poking our noses in there. I’ve grown up alien from the kitchen. Now, as I recover and rehab in the Hurst’s household, I have full reign of the kitchen. I also warn you that I don’t take great pictures, and I probably won’t try and kid you that I do. They’re lol-worthy unfiltered pics from my Gold Apple iPhone (which has survived the jungles of Cambodia and the beaches of the Philippines). Nein, the photo-taking is not the point of these posts so just enjoy them sympathetically 🙂
Granola bars

First were these delicious granola bars. I mixed 2 different recipes but mostly drew from the one included. I have a habit of reading at least 20 recipes of the same thing, and then mixing it for the ‘best possible recipe’. I think this results in a waste of time, but it’s my habit to do this with EVERYTHING. I feel like I interpolate the worst and the best to arrive, truly, at the best possible answer. The best hostel to stay in. The best place to eat. The best music for tonight. The best movie to watch. Tabs and tabs, open to annoy you OCD people out there.

Anyway! This was nice and easy to make – I initially made it without any honey and nut butter but decided it was too tasteless when plain. They did not turn out as crunchy as I thought – are they supposed to be crunchy or chewy?


Next up were these gorgeous brownies which were PERFECT. My god. They taste like real brownies – and they’re GOOD (well, as good as chocolate can be…) for you. I originally made the icing (pictured) without adding the sugar to make it ‘fluffier’. This was on account of me being lazy, and also thinking i could cut out sugar and have all the great taste. After spreading and sprinkling, I decided that it would be better to do it ‘properly’. I scooped everything out and re-did the icing – and I’m glad I did! I know this says a lot about my personality… I’m a dishevelled whirlwind.

CHICKPEASI was dying to make a hummus, but ended up making these crunchy delights. I used the Comptois Libanais cookbook for this. I totally ‘messed’ up. Again, my tornado tempo made me add 1 TBSP instead of 1TSP of the spices. I solved this by adding an extra tin of chickpeas. 30 minutes post grilling in the oven resulted in soggy chickpeas, which I thought was the desired outcome. Jean-mi didn’t seem too keen. I decided to take a chance and stick them back in the oven (after a Google search). Some details which I learned along the way:

  1. Drain chickpeas. Rinse then. DRY THEM.
  2. Read tsp vs. tbsp. Differentiate.
  3. Don’t be scared of burning these little babies. Keep them in there for 40 minutes. 50 if needed.

Amy and JM gobbled these up in 10 minutes flat.

Water This isn’t cooking at all, but I think it’s too good not to share! I’ve been drinking loads of sparkling water with lemons, but decided to add a little twist to some still water. Yesterday, I mixed lemons, raspberries and blueberries. Today, some mint and berries. I freeze the berries so they’re like little ice-cubes 🙂 Super refreshing drink to have whilst reading in the garden!


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