….and I never want to cook again.

Hilarious. After dreaming of how to cook healthy Victoria Sponge Cake recipes, the perfect Lemon Drizzle, succulent fish curries and then carrying it out… I’m done. I’m so so so done with cooking and baking. Unfortunately, it was due to the overload of cake-baking I had done in 2 days. In the space of 12 hours, I had Granola 2baked 3 cakes.

The first granola batch were such a success that I wanted to try a new one. I did. And they’re awesome.

The first brownie batch were such a success that I wanted to try another healthier dessert. Spirulina seed bars. Not such a success. I originally used a recipe that consisted purely of honey, oats, spirulina and seeds (did I put in nuts? I don’t even remember). This resulted in a sickly sweet taste that did not want to go down my tummy, and so I decided to fix it by adding buckwheat puffs and oats to ‘distribute’ the taste. Nein, they don’t stick anymore. Last resort; add dates (oops, too many. Of course I did) into the mix to change the taste. Lovely. Now they’re too sticky…and probably too sugary…let’s add a dash of pecans. Perfection – or not? Too full to even try them, and their green colour does not help the appeal-factor. 2 cakes 1 day

Victoria Sponge Cake 1. Thinly spread cream and jam to try and make it as ‘healthy as possible’. Tried out strawberry tart which lacked all sugar and taste (such a shame, it looked a beauty). Darnen healthy recipes. What do we expect? I love it, though. decide to keep it and freeze it. Frittata
Not good enough for the public, though. Not for the picnic. Decide to create a new spongecake in the morning, which takes around 30 minutes. Record time. I had made the previous two cakes at the same time; in an hour.

The aim of this cookin’ fad was to cook more savoury food. Hello to this beautiful sweet potato, onion, red pepp and spinach frittata (i.e. fancy omelette). Hello to a tart fennel salad, a wholesome broccoli and ginger soup, a filling Keralan fish curry.

And now, I put my cutlery, my packs of nuts, my blender and my broom AWAY.


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