Do you ever get that fleeting feeling…

…to do something impulsive?

Perhaps jumping on that boat going nowhere, fulfilling that floating foundation which we call life.

Building a home with your bare hands.

Cycling for days to indulge in the rhythmic movement of your legs carrying you forwards across plains, roads, cities, countries; the world.

Escaping your nest to live somewhere completely foreign…an isolated adventure.

I always make excuses. I’ve got a ‘great’ job offer, I don’t have my own financial standing at the moment, I have Jean-Mi, I am injured, I’m scared of being alone, I’ve already travelled, I can’t speak the language, my family won’t approve, I’ll miss my friends, how will I dance?, how will I recover?, how will I eat?, how can I settle? how how can’t can’t can’t I no no no…

Who knows what I even want at this moment? I secretly hope that I don’t get the visa so that I am forced to do something extreme and awesome. Like to go live in Beirut, or Shanghai, and finally fulfil my dream of multilingualism. Or, that could make me succumb back to the Dubai cocoon where I can make money and regress back into my childhood state of mind. All without JM. Oh no. And the wonderful house that I could share with Christine, Pree and JM. And the wonderful experience that is London. The opportunity to learn in this job which can basically set me up for the years ahead. Set me up? In what sense? Do I even want to learn those skills? Of being a Performance Improvement consultant? What even IS that?

3 days and more will unfold.


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