Gaining clarity via text

For the past few years, I have been trying to understand MYSELF via a number of different ways. I defined myself via dance; it was somewhat the only way I felt truly myself and the only time my mind was not scattered with little insecure voices. Truly, the feeling can only be described as getting lost, but there is a clear beam of path which makes you feel completely yourself. It’s so strange.

Then after the injury, I turned to yoga and meditation. It doesn’t suit me as well. My mind struggles and frustrates easily. I get restless sitting. Perhaps that says a lot about me. Walking eases my mind more. Cycling offers a feeling of flight.

I am so bodily aware, that sometimes, it is to my detriment. I feel like I flounder in a circular pool of despair, trying to swim out to developing my mind, but am restricted by the repetitive wave of body achievements I want.

I believe I am somewhat introspective. I believe I always have been. I find it hard though to pinpoint the things I am passionate about, because sometimes I feel insincere. I believe in helping people through difficulties. I believe in bettering the environment. I believe in the beauty of art, dance and theatre. I believe in health and contentment. I believe in human cultures. How can I incorporate all these things to do something I love – not tow away at a desk with Excel sheets?

Let’s carry out some research. Any ideas? Drop me a line…


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