We live in a world where we expect perfection or high-achieving outcomes for every aspect of our life. Ah, the woes of being Generation Y.

We all know it. We’ve all read about it via our newsfeed.

I sit here in panic as I try and make use of my time.

Bucket 1: The physical body.

Gym, dance, yoga. It’s almost crucial for me to do something physically challenging everyday, or else my mind is uneasy. I gain clarity and calmness via movement. Need to fit 2 hours in for this.

Bucket 2: The creative body.

I want to dance, I want to learn languages, I want to create art, I want to create music. I want to pick up playing the drums again, I want to sustain my piano playing skills. Currently, I am juggling between learning French, Arabic and Mandarin and today has been an attempt for myself to try and launch into Arabic again.

Bucket 3: The intellectual body.

Reading. Which I do none of. The news, fiction, via my job. My brain is lazy at the moment. Its chaotic nature perhaps needs meditation…but if I’m meditating, when and how can I build up my brain?

Bucket 4: The spiritual body

Meditation. Not understanding this conflict I have about it. I know it’s good for me, but I keep thinking it’s a waste of time. How confusing in my head.

Bucket 5: The relationship body

It’s been all about myself for the first 4 buckets. Now here are the people that matter in my life. My family, my Jean-mi, my friends. I’m feeling contented and blessed here at the moment.

Bucket 6: The fun body

Perhaps goes with creative bucket. I want to go to gigs, I want to go to art galleries, I want to let go and dance in a club.

Bucket 7: The successful body

Funny how late my job bucket appears in my list of priorities (I wrote these as they appeared naturally, without giving them much thought in terms of order). I am unhappy in my job, but I feel like it is because I’m not exploring it properly. What am I doing? What am I really good at?

Bucket 8: The altruistic body

What led me to write this. I want to be some sort of hero to the world. Help refugees. Volunteer at soup kitchens. But – as I do so, how about my family and friends who I already don’t give enough attention?

And here we go. Braindump for the day.



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